New Lease of Life for Original Watercolours

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I’m sure there are many of us (myself included) who have old artworks or prints that have seen better days. Most are stored in the Attic – maybe looking a bit outdated and they just don’t fit your new modern d├ęcor.

Well take a look at these beautiful Original Watercolours that we re-framed recently. You can see that they arrived to us looking a little dated and had been stored away and forgotten for a while.

Luckily, our customer saw the potential – the artwork itself is beautiful – the problem lay with the frames. Look at the difference, changing the style and size they now look stunning hanging in their modern and contemporary new home!

Make sure you take a look twice at any Artwork you may have stored – changing the frame is usually fairly simple to do and can really make the difference and bring new life to old Artwork or Prints!

Contact Telford Picture Framer today and let us bring your Artwork back to life!

reframe original watercolours
reframed original watercolours by Telford Picture Framer