The Little Extras

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Here at Telford Picture Framer we consider the hanging cord, already fixed by strong D Rings, an integral part of our framing job.

We have been very surprised to find that not all of our competitors actually provide this as standard!!

Using Telford Picture Framer means that you will always find that we have secured heavy duty D Rings to the back of the frame, and provided a hanging cord of a suitable thickness and strength according to the size of your work. We even provide a hook and nail so that when you arrive home you have everything you need to immediately hang your prints or artwork in pride of place! No more searching in the ‘junk drawer’ or waiting until you get chance to go out and buy a suitable hook before you can enjoy your newly framed artwork.

Picture shows a completed frame with hanging cord fixed in place by strong D Rings.
All Frames are finished to a high standard with hanging cord and D Rings included

This might seem a basic requirement, but we just thought it was worth pointing out!! Contact Telford Picture Framer today to ensure a complete and thorough job every time!